Why You Should Take Folic Acid If You Are Pregnant.

pregDo You Take Folic Acid?

Many of our people usually neglect their drugs given at the hospitals or prescribed by the doctors,not only when they are pregnant but when they are sick and feel that they are getting better.

Some pregnant women,especially those who have had babies before,usually believe that they already know everything and so some things they are told at the antenatal clinics don’t make much meaning again.One of such is the faithful taking of the tiny yellow tablet called folic acid.

It is recommended that any woman of childbearing age should be taking folic acid.

Why is it important to take folic acid during pregnancy? I’m writing to get you informed and I’d like you to tell others and also share this information on your wall.

1. Taking folic acid helps to prevent malformations which research has named to include cleft lip and palate and heart defects.

2.Prevents incomplete development of major parts of the brain known as anecephaly.

3.It prevents neural tube defects which are very serious when they happen.Example is Spina Bifida ,and most of these happen in the first trimester(12 weeks),most times even before a woman knows that she is pregnant ,hence the need to start taking folic acid before you get pregnant.

4.Folic acid aids rapid and proper development of red blood cells.It is very important for the production, repair and functioning of DNA,hence taking enough of folic acid help to make enough cells and prevent anemia.

5. Pre-eclampsia(Hypertension in pregnancy) is a very serious condition that is dreaded by any pregnant woman because of the danger.Folic acid helps to prevent it.

6.Folic acid prevents low birth weight,premature birth,miscarriage,some types of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.

How Should I Take it?

The normal dose to take as recommended by CDC is like this:
* Before you even become pregnant,start taking 400mcg daily.

*First trimester (1st 12 weeks) take 400mcg daily

*From 4 months – 9 months take 600mcg

*Then while breastfeeding take 500mcg

You should make sure you are taking your prescribed multivitamins together with the folic acid.And also try to eat nutritious foods.

Some foods very rich in folic acid include ,green vegetables, broccoli, Okra, fresh fruits and juices,lentils,black beans ,spinach.

Please these foods should not replace your supplemental folic acid. Even as you eat them,make sure you that you are still taking your folic acid tablets as prescribed.

Be Fit Be Trim,Be Healthy.


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