Why Are Fulani People Trimmer Than Other Tribes?

fulaHave you noticed that some tribes in Nigeria or even certain people or group of people from around the world NEVER get fat? They can never get obese or overweight! Examples, in Nigeria here are the Fulanis, some part of the north. And if you are observant you will also notice that you rarely find overweight or obese people in most of our CORE villages where the village culture of natural eating has not been contaminated by influx of refined foods from foreign land brought in for the parents by their rich township dwellers!
The problem with the notion of dieting is that it does not address the lifestyle changes that need to be made in order to permanently take the weight off. Losing weight is not something that can be bought or sold. It is not a commodity. Sometimes the problem is cultural. We become trapped in old habits that have us eating unhealthy foods for a lifetime.

The key is to adjust your lifestyle. This means eating a plant-based diet based on whole foods and embarking on an exercise program… There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to obesity. Once you are diagnosed with it chronic disease it can set in quite quickly and the longer you wait to embark on a natural weight loss plan the harder it will be on your health in the future.
You only need to look around you at the people you know to determine who is healthy and who is sick because of their fat accumulations. Think of the people that you know who are fat. Are they sick all of the time? What is his or her diet like? They probably eat a lot of sugar, salt, and junk food. They possibly also drink a lot of alcohol. Now think of people that you know who maintain a healthy weight. You will notice they do not eat a lot of junk. In fact you might have noticed that these are the vegans that you know or the people who you know who like to consume Italian, Greek or Asian diets.
Traditional cultures from the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Asia know how to eat without gaining weight like Americans do… Think of the traditional Asian body and how svelte the physique usually is… In China, Persia, Japan and India people have been eating a mostly plant based diet for thousands of years and it seems to keep the majority of these massive populations fit.
After you are done picturing the body shape of the average Asian then picture what your average American looks like and also picture what many folks in Nigeria,even in your neighborhood have began to look like . Then picture him eating snacks at a baseball game and in some of the American movies you watch.Picture him/her showing off wealth or money by munching junks at our popular eateries. (You sure know what I mean) Visualize the beer full of calories and the hotdog full of fat. This is not healthy food and this is typical of the unhealthy eating habits of some of the average American you feel is “enjoying life”.

Picture the average Nigeria working class or business folks who are relatively rich and the way they eat. Picture some of the things you see them buy and what their children carry- push around in shopping carts when you go to shopping malls. In ignorance many people think that they are “living large”, while in actual fact they are preparing for a near future full of hospital admissions and expenses.
When was the last time you saw a really fat guy who’s conscious of what he/she eats? It doesn’t often happen. Then ask if you could handle being on a diet that had more vegetables and fruits than meat. That is your positive step towards embarking on a fully effective, yet natural weight loss plan.

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