9 Tips On How To Conceive Fast (How To Get Pregnant)

pregJulie and her husband have been married for 4 years now but  not yet able to have a child. Julies’ in-laws are at her neck and sometime ago the mother in-law even  travelled down to Abuja just to “advice” them, especially her son about how to “handle” such a situation. After she was gone, as would be expected, trouble would have ensued in the house if not that James was a very principled man and  truly loved his wife and believed that God would eventually bless them. However it wasn’t to be very soon. They still had to wait for another 2 years before Julie could conceive. It’s been 6 years now since all this happened, and their family has been blessed with two boys and a girl.
Getting pregnant comes so easy for some people that they may be tempted to think that it is always that way and may begin to wonder why it is difficult for others. Some women get pregnant just a few months into their wedding while others stay just for a while and other will have to wait for years before conceiving for the first time. It is fun for some people, but for others it seems that getting pregnant is a lot of “work”. Below are tips on how to get pregnant fast for those trying to conceive.
Tip 1—Do a preconception assessment
This is a health check you can do in a hospital with your doctor. The purpose of this is to rule out any issues that may hinder your smooth conception like certain underlying infections you may have overlooked. These infections could be simple urinary tract infections that may create some problems for you. It is also important to consult with your doctor at this time so that you could be advised on what to avoid at this time and on what to add or take. You might also get advice on a lot of healthy habits to take on at this time to enhance not just your chances of getting pregnant but remaining healthy throughout the period. Continue reading “9 Tips On How To Conceive Fast (How To Get Pregnant)”