9 Tips On How To Conceive Fast (How To Get Pregnant)

pregJulie and her husband have been married for 4 years now but  not yet able to have a child. Julies’ in-laws are at her neck and sometime ago the mother in-law even  travelled down to Abuja just to “advice” them, especially her son about how to “handle” such a situation. After she was gone, as would be expected, trouble would have ensued in the house if not that James was a very principled man and  truly loved his wife and believed that God would eventually bless them. However it wasn’t to be very soon. They still had to wait for another 2 years before Julie could conceive. It’s been 6 years now since all this happened, and their family has been blessed with two boys and a girl.
Getting pregnant comes so easy for some people that they may be tempted to think that it is always that way and may begin to wonder why it is difficult for others. Some women get pregnant just a few months into their wedding while others stay just for a while and other will have to wait for years before conceiving for the first time. It is fun for some people, but for others it seems that getting pregnant is a lot of “work”. Below are tips on how to get pregnant fast for those trying to conceive.
Tip 1—Do a preconception assessment
This is a health check you can do in a hospital with your doctor. The purpose of this is to rule out any issues that may hinder your smooth conception like certain underlying infections you may have overlooked. These infections could be simple urinary tract infections that may create some problems for you. It is also important to consult with your doctor at this time so that you could be advised on what to avoid at this time and on what to add or take. You might also get advice on a lot of healthy habits to take on at this time to enhance not just your chances of getting pregnant but remaining healthy throughout the period. Continue reading “9 Tips On How To Conceive Fast (How To Get Pregnant)”

Common Habits That Can Make You Age You Fast

agingThe topic of anti-aging is a popular one. It implies all the techniques,ideas,actions,drugs and diet that are used to prevent or delay the aging process. The industry is a very fast growing one and the reason is not far-fetched. Every one of us wants to remain young and strong forever. Many wish seriously to stay fresh and healthy well into old age.

The entire quest for dieting and the extra care given to health related topics is all to help man stay not only healthy but young too. Many people you know must have told you about their worries concerning aging and remaining healthy. Many of us learn and do things that keep us healthy, however there are still certain common habits we have which unknown to us, are actually accelerating the aging process faster than we expected. Below are a few of the points:

Stress Causes Aging:
Everyone undergoes certain kinds and degrees of stress in some ways, sometime daily or once in a while. These stressors are usually necessitated by the type of work we do. Stress produces free radicals. Free radicals injure the good cells of the body thereby causing their death or weakness. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated by mitochondria of the cell, or from other sites within or outside the cell, cause damage to mitochondrial components and initiate degradative processes. Such toxic reactions contribute significantly to the aging process and form the central dogma of “The Free Radical Theory of Aging.” Protein is the body’s building blocks that also repairs worn out tissues. Stress and free radicals harm each of us by diminishing our health and energy. They create the imbalances that result in disease.

Continue reading “Common Habits That Can Make You Age You Fast”

How To Lose 20 Lbs (10kg) In 30 Days.

belly fat1Nigerians are increasingly having a large population of overweight/obese people.

To me It simply shows that there is improved standard of living especially among the elites and the middle class.

(Yes, the higher and middle class because even though we are told that our economy is now the largest in Africa, it doesn’t yet translate to the practical stage where the common man can feel it; most of the wealth is trapped by the higher and middle class groups).
Over indulgence has its serious consequences. Overeating or bad eating habit which can be found among the affluent (also among the poor) usually has its own problems, ranging from diminished self image to serious health issues.


In this light we have taken out some time to bring out some tips on how anyone can lose excess weight while maintaining an optimum health and how other nomo-weight individuals can maintain themselves in a trim and healthy shape.
This technique is a HIGHLY effective one and where first published it got above 6,500 comments and still counting, which expressly shows that countless people who have tried it are testifying to its efficacy. However, we all know that dieting or losing /gaining weight is not an easy task especially because it involves making a careful choice of foods. You are compelled to drop some delicious or some of your favorites and pick some foods you may never have desired if left alone.


You have to stick to the rules outlined here because it works and will work for you too if properly implemented.

There is a tendency to regain lost weight after stopping a weight loss program and the person goes back to former lifestyle without control or restraint. This should not be your attitude else what you will learn here will not make a lasting impact. Continue reading “How To Lose 20 Lbs (10kg) In 30 Days.”