“Eating Sugar” Does Not cause Diabetes

diabetesMany of us grew up hearing it and believing it too. We were all scared of taking sweet things, especially real sugar in our drinks and some foods like custard, pap, oats etc. There was always this silent fear or even guilt when you are eating anything that is very sweet because in subconsciously you believe that you are deliberately causing some unknown problems to yourself.

Certainly intake of excessive sugar is not healthy just like excessive intake of any other foods, but its consumption is not the cause of diabetes.
I know that some of us would be surprised by this assertion. Yes. “Eating too much sugar” does not cause diabetes. I can almost hear you asking:

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How The Elderly Can Lose Weight safely

seniorsNote: Before commencing any of the physical activities outlined here, please make sure you see your doctor for proper assessment and advice.

I get many weight loss questions from readers and these are genuine concerns of people who want to know what they can do about their weight and their health. Weight loss does not bother only the younger generation but worries the older ones too.
As you age, your metabolism slows down and after menopause (for women), body fat changes its distribution to give you the appearance of a larger belly. Nobody likes this. No matter how old you are, however, you can lose weight, increase your strength and fight disease through diet and exercise. Continue reading “How The Elderly Can Lose Weight safely”

Common Habits That Can Make You Age You Fast

agingThe topic of anti-aging is a popular one. It implies all the techniques,ideas,actions,drugs and diet that are used to prevent or delay the aging process. The industry is a very fast growing one and the reason is not far-fetched. Every one of us wants to remain young and strong forever. Many wish seriously to stay fresh and healthy well into old age.

The entire quest for dieting and the extra care given to health related topics is all to help man stay not only healthy but young too. Many people you know must have told you about their worries concerning aging and remaining healthy. Many of us learn and do things that keep us healthy, however there are still certain common habits we have which unknown to us, are actually accelerating the aging process faster than we expected. Below are a few of the points:

Stress Causes Aging:
Everyone undergoes certain kinds and degrees of stress in some ways, sometime daily or once in a while. These stressors are usually necessitated by the type of work we do. Stress produces free radicals. Free radicals injure the good cells of the body thereby causing their death or weakness. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated by mitochondria of the cell, or from other sites within or outside the cell, cause damage to mitochondrial components and initiate degradative processes. Such toxic reactions contribute significantly to the aging process and form the central dogma of “The Free Radical Theory of Aging.” Protein is the body’s building blocks that also repairs worn out tissues. Stress and free radicals harm each of us by diminishing our health and energy. They create the imbalances that result in disease.

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