Can I Reduce My Breast Size By Exercise?

breastI get numerous questions about many issues and I try to be as accurate as possible in presenting researched and authentic health information that would help everyone to know and do the right thing to stay trim, fit and healthy.

Please keep the questions coming.

Here we are going to talk about how to reduce the size of the breasts for those who feel that their breast size is a little more than they like. First of all, your breast size is determined by your genetics and your percentage of body fat.


It can also get bigger in size if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as you already know.
This short article will talk about how you can reduce the size of the breasts and also maintain muscle tone and a flatter abdomen.
Like other parts of the body and also as a general pattern, your body fat will respond to a well-rounded exercise targeting all your muscles and body parts and good properly-directed foods as we always point out in articles here.

Exercise is an amazing thing. By manipulating the exercises, duration, intensity and frequency of workouts, you can reshape your body. Consistency is essential to see any significant changes in your body.

But with time a woman may be able to reduce her breast size with exercise and appropriate weightlifting.

Weightlifting!? Whaaat??

Just chill and read the simple information first.

When women hear about weightlifting they usually get scared and thoughts of looking bulky and masculine comes to their mind. They usually immediately worry that they could become bulky or big and look like wrestlers. But it’s not true. Keep reading and I will tell you the truth about weight lifting that many do not know and which you may not have heard before.

I have been asked several times how to reduce fat from a certain area of the body or from a specific part at a time but the truth is that fat reduction doesn’t work like that; you cannot remove for instance fat from the arms ONLY and those on your thighs would not be affected. However, there are exercises that target certain parts of the body, still the effects of that exercise radiates to other parts of the body. You cannot reduce fat from just one area of the body. Instead, when you exercise you burn calories, and fat reduces from all over your body over time. Depending on where you carry your weight, it may come off the breasts quickly or take a little more time and patience.

So what exercises should I do?

1. Cardio Exercises
Cardiovascular exercises are great not only for your breasts but also for general health and maintenance of a trim figure. Anything that elevates your heart rate works well.

It keeps your heart and blood vessels in good shape. Cardiovascular exercise is a very effective way to create a caloric deficit, which is necessary to reduce fat levels,decreasing breast size and trimming belly fat. Choose exercises that work the major muscle groups in your body such as brisk walking (not leisurely strolls), running, cycling, swimming, and kickboxing, dancing and rowing. For overweight or obese adults, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends exercising four or five days a week for 30 to 60 minutes, gradually increasing the duration, frequency or intensity of your exercise routine do cardio five to seven days per week. Exercise at least 30 to 60 minutes at a moderate to high intensity

2. Resistance exercises
Resistance exercise is the key to building muscle and burning fat to create a lean physique with smaller breasts and a tight stomach. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does, so the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism will be.
Squats, lunges, deadlifts, thrusters, cleans, bench presses and shoulder presses are all appropriate choices.
Do these 2 to 3 days in a week. It’s advised that you should always perform on alternate days to allow the muscles grow and your body to adjust. It also helps you to relax and get energized for the next time you want to exercise again.

3. Chest and stomach exercises
There are, unfortunately, no exercises that will help you to directly reduce the size of your breasts. However, exercises that tone and tighten your chest muscles, such as pushups and flyes, can help create a more lifted appearance once you have lost total body fat. For your abdominals, front planks, side planks, stability ball knee tucks, stability ball pikes and bicycle crunches will all help tighten and strengthen your stomach muscles.

You can download a free copy of specific stomach exercises and how to perform them here:

Do these at least 3 to 4 times in the week with average of 30-60 minutes each time. Just make out the time and ensure you are taking enough healthy diet comprising of proteins, fruits and vegetable.

According to Gretchen Reynolds, health writer for “The New York Times,” working out before breakfast leads to more weight loss. Eat within an hour of your workout to refuel your body.

That’s basically what I do on most of my workout days-I exercise in the mornings just after my devotions, before preparing for work or doing other things. Breakfast comes soon after that depending on my schedule.

Before I close this let me tell you some key truths about weightlifting.

Women most times fear that if they lift weights as part of physical training, they could get overly bulky and big and look as muscular as men. And I know that many women dread this kind of body. Yes. That you wanted to be trim and fit and also have a well tone body doesn’t mean you have to look like a male heavy weight wrestler. I agree with you. But you know what?
It can never happen no matter how much you train. Instead you’d just get the results you have been looking for: a well-toned, strong and trim body and as fit as a fiddle!

Physiologically you cannot be that bulky because you are a woman; your hormones are not the ones that would make you look masculine. But what about all those heavy-muscled and terrific looking women? They change their hormonal balance by taking steroids. That’s the simple truth behind the masculine and bulky look of those women. They interfere with the normal physiology and that is what makes them look the way they are but I know you aren’t going to swallow any steroid hence there is no need to fear the good outcome of your weightlifting but to be glad that you are able to do it and to get to work.

How to build your own gym
If you cannot get a gym membership or even buy the weights to use, there are many ways you can make your own beautiful and powerful gym and achieve same results you want. This is especially wonderful for people who wouldn’t want to be seen at the gym lifting weights.

1. You can use empty cans of any household item you deem fit for this. Simply fill them up with sand, pebbles, or anything you feel comfortable with or is available
2. Ensure that you are comfortable with the weights and that the materials are strong enough to hold the sand or pebbles or whatever material you want to use.
3. Empty rice bags(5kg,10 kg, etc can do),empty water cans, small paint buckets, custard buckets can be used to make weights you can use in your house. You can also use a bicycle or motorcycle tube. Cut it to desired size and fill with sand. Close the open end with a tape or sew it up or just however you can and you have a nice and safe material to train with.

Please always check to make sure that the materials you are using are safe. And ensure to check with your doctor before commencing any hard training.

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