Do You Eat Groundnuts? Read This

peanut-624601_960_720I know that your mind has skipped again on seeing this headline. You’d say,” These people have come again with their nutrition doom articles. What is wrong with eating groundnuts again this time?

What are they going to talk about groundnuts today? Well I’d just say that it is not what you think and I’d like you to read this in full because it has got some real meat for you.

Just calm down. This article isn’t going to condemn groundnuts which maybe, is one of your favorite nuts and which you have read to be very healthy. I like groundnuts too and I enjoy it.


I am going to show you the super benefits of this food. Benefits I think you may not have heard before. But, before ending this article, I will also tell you about the type of groundnut you should NOT eat. Continue reading “Do You Eat Groundnuts? Read This”

Benefits Of Chilli Pepper

Many people may not know that pepper is not just another ingredient you add to your food to spice it up and add that ‘peppery’ feeling and taste.

Yea,its a very mandatory stuff for many families and meals without pepper tastes awful for many people.However peptic ulcer patients are advised to keep away or to reduce consumption to lowest quantity.

However surprising thing is that many do not know that chilli pepper actually helps in ulcer prevention.Yes!

How?I know you just asked that question in your mind.True or false?…
Not only do they not cause ulcers, they can help prevent them by killing bacteria you may have ingested, while stimulating the cells lining the stomach to secrete protective buffering juices.
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Food With “GOOD” Fats

avAs I have said in some of my posts,not all fats are bad and to be dreaded.Actually our bodies need fats to function properly BUT it depends on the type of fats that we are consuming.

So what types of fats do our bodies need and what are their sources?

This small post looks at this important issue. Lets roll…..

We have been talking about avoiding fats and fat laden foods to stay healthy because of the effect on your heart.

But I also have posted several times that not all fats is bad. There are some “good” fats you can incorporate into your meals and they provide no ill health to you.
Here are a few of them:
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Do You Take Water Melon? Please Read This

wmMany of us eat many things we see sold along the roads, in the supermarkets and even open markets without actually knowing what we are consuming.

Does knowledge of what you eat matter to you?

Do you bother to check how healthy whatever you are eating is before dropping them in your system?

I want to use this little piece to tell you what you may never have heard about one of the foods I believe you consume regularly-water melon.

Please read on. Continue reading “Do You Take Water Melon? Please Read This”

How Is Meat Also “DANGEROUS” For Me To Eat?

meat-2-1564382Ok .O.K. my people, I want to tell you this because I know that many people out there have told you a lot that you are not really comfortable with.

You have read some articles that got you querying a lot of things and even the ones that made you to give up that you could ever eat right. Or that you could ever be healthy as you wanted.

This is because they keep on telling you about what is bad. Bad…. Bad……

You have come to conclude that it is not really possible for you to be as healthy as is said in many of the posts you read.

It starts from the millions of restrictions to outright condemnation of almost everything that you enjoy eating. How would you survive?

One of the many troubles is MEAT. Continue reading “How Is Meat Also “DANGEROUS” For Me To Eat?”

Do You Use Vaseline? Please Read This! I just say Vaseline? The Vaseline that is almost a panacea to every skin problems. Yes. From minor bruises to burns, sprained ankles, dry skin, cracked lips (harmattan destroyer) and plenty other beautiful uses. Vaseline is NOT the problem,your lotion and cream are your problems.

But what is this guy really talking about?

Please continue reading.

I meant you should  STOP USING THAT BODY CREAM that “tarnishes your image” which you may not even know.

I am writing this to help you figure out what’s wrong Continue reading “Do You Use Vaseline? Please Read This!”

5 Serious Reasons Why You Need To Monitor Your Weight

owWhen the issue of weight loss and weight control comes up,you may be compelled to dismiss it as trivial.

I do not blame you though because we are bombarded by a deluge of information daily.

Some are correct,others are not.And one of the areas where you find a lot of wrong information is about weight loss.

When I talk about weight control,i am not always mainly concerned ONLY about  your COSMETIC appearance;I am concerned about that BUT ,much more concerned about the health implications for YOU. Continue reading “5 Serious Reasons Why You Need To Monitor Your Weight”

Surefire Exercise for Flat Tummy and Slim Waistline.

how-to-get-a-flat-tummyMake Sure You Start Today!!

Getting in shape,becoming trim, and fit isn’t just for you to look nice,though it is one of the strongest reasons for many people.

But my emphasis all the time is that keeping fit(even if you are overweight or on the plus size area),is to ensure that you are HEALTHY,that you have good circulation all the time,that you ate alert and fully inspired to fave your day to day activities. Continue reading “Surefire Exercise for Flat Tummy and Slim Waistline.”

Why You Should Take Folic Acid If You Are Pregnant.

pregDo You Take Folic Acid?

Many of our people usually neglect their drugs given at the hospitals or prescribed by the doctors,not only when they are pregnant but when they are sick and feel that they are getting better.

Some pregnant women,especially those who have had babies before,usually believe that they already know everything and so some things they are told at the antenatal clinics don’t make much meaning again.One of such is the faithful taking of the tiny yellow tablet called folic acid.

It is recommended that any woman of childbearing age should be taking folic acid.

Why is it important to take folic acid during pregnancy? I’m writing to get you informed and I’d like you to tell others and also share this information on your wall.

1. Taking folic acid helps to prevent malformations which research has named to include cleft lip and palate and heart defects.

2.Prevents incomplete development of major parts of the brain known as anecephaly.

3.It prevents neural tube defects which are very serious when they happen.Example is Spina Bifida ,and most of these happen in the first trimester(12 weeks),most times even before a woman knows that she is pregnant ,hence the need to start taking folic acid before you get pregnant.

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Can I Reduce My Breast Size By Exercise?

breastI get numerous questions about many issues and I try to be as accurate as possible in presenting researched and authentic health information that would help everyone to know and do the right thing to stay trim, fit and healthy.

Please keep the questions coming.

Here we are going to talk about how to reduce the size of the breasts for those who feel that their breast size is a little more than they like. First of all, your breast size is determined by your genetics and your percentage of body fat.


It can also get bigger in size if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as you already know.
This short article will talk about how you can reduce the size of the breasts and also maintain muscle tone and a flatter abdomen. Continue reading “Can I Reduce My Breast Size By Exercise?”