9 Tips On How To Conceive Fast (How To Get Pregnant)

pregJulie and her husband have been married for 4 years now but  not yet able to have a child. Julies’ in-laws are at her neck and sometime ago the mother in-law even  travelled down to Abuja just to “advice” them, especially her son about how to “handle” such a situation. After she was gone, as would be expected, trouble would have ensued in the house if not that James was a very principled man and  truly loved his wife and believed that God would eventually bless them. However it wasn’t to be very soon. They still had to wait for another 2 years before Julie could conceive. It’s been 6 years now since all this happened, and their family has been blessed with two boys and a girl.
Getting pregnant comes so easy for some people that they may be tempted to think that it is always that way and may begin to wonder why it is difficult for others. Some women get pregnant just a few months into their wedding while others stay just for a while and other will have to wait for years before conceiving for the first time. It is fun for some people, but for others it seems that getting pregnant is a lot of “work”. Below are tips on how to get pregnant fast for those trying to conceive.
Tip 1—Do a preconception assessment
This is a health check you can do in a hospital with your doctor. The purpose of this is to rule out any issues that may hinder your smooth conception like certain underlying infections you may have overlooked. These infections could be simple urinary tract infections that may create some problems for you. It is also important to consult with your doctor at this time so that you could be advised on what to avoid at this time and on what to add or take. You might also get advice on a lot of healthy habits to take on at this time to enhance not just your chances of getting pregnant but remaining healthy throughout the period.
Tip 2—Find out when you ovulate
Ovulation is a very important process in pregnancy or conception. It is the time that your egg is released and if a sperm meets this egg at this time, you have a very chance of becoming pregnant. Every woman should know the exact time that this important event takes place in her body. Knowledge of it will help you know when to have more frequent sex to increase your chances of conception. If you do not know, it’s important to see your doctor also and have it figured out. There are also some ovulation kits that you can easily get from some pharmacy shops to help you predict your ovulation. Just get expert advice on this very important issue.
Tip 3—Stay in shape
Being overweight or underweight can decrease your chances of getting pregnant. By this i mean the extremes of weight. Your being underweight or underweight could be a sign of certain underlying medical conditions which might stand in the way of your conception. Hence you need to put on a little weight before trying to conceive if you know that your weight issue is due to deficient intake of adequate nutrients. At the same time you need to lose some weight if you are obese/overweight. However you don’t just jump into some “dieting plans’ you read about in some blog or celebrity magazine. Please wisely consult your dietician for direction so that you don’t get it wrong especially if you are trying to get pregnant. It’s important that your husband also take some foods that help in production of quality sperm and also an abundance of it to ensure that everything is in place.
Tip 4— Have regular sex
Of course sex in important, but regular sex could be a good answer for how to get pregnant fast. Experts believe that having sex three times a week increases your chances to get pregnant easily. If you are able to predict your ovulation try to have sex just before, during and after you ovulate. Having sex near your ovulation date provides positive results. Although, having intercourse at other times of the months may also make you pregnant as some sperms have the ability to keep alive for a few days before fertilization. Do not stick to some old regular positions just because you are trying to get pregnant. Try different positions while having sex, some positions are intrusive and helps the sperms reach deep near the mouth of your uterus. Also trying new positions during sex, make the process interesting by eliminating boredom caused due to same regular sex schedules. Limit your movement after intercourse. Getting up right after intercourse can cause the ejaculate to escape out. Wait twenty minutes after intercourse before getting up and walking around.
Tip 4—Try to enjoy sex
Make sex more enjoyable during this time. Many couple at this time usually gets things wrong. They do everything as a “duty” and not just a duty but a “forced duty”. This happens especially if they have been trying for a while and if they are already getting the usual in-laws pressures. This is not good as it adds stress to both partners and getting stressed up isn’t any good for both of you at this time.Sex at this time has to be made more enjoyable and in a relaxed atmosphere than doing it a s a mandatory duty with a “target”. Take your time, eliminate all those anxious pictures from your mind, make sex pleasurable by trying as many positions as you can, especially those positions for people trying to conceive.Dont just jump off the bed like one who has accomplished a job. Cuddle your wife for a while; stay with her as she lies quietly allowing the sperm to stay there instead of simply moving out again. The old cuddle after sex is still very beneficial and even more now as it has double function now—helping the sperm stay on and travel deeper and also increase the bonding and affection.
Tip 5—Avoid oral and anal sex before proper intercourse
This is for couple who engage in this mode of sex. It’s a known fact that the anus (and lower colon) harbors bacteria which can be harmful to the sperm when vaginal intercourse is finally achieved. Also the saliva contains digestive juices which can be lethal to the sperm. In the heat of passion, you may not be able to clean up or have time to wash any part before penetration thereby either introducing bacteria into the vagina or allowing saliva into the place. Another demerit is that the momentary stop (to wash the penis or vagina) may tend to dampen the fun. So my advice is that you avoid it entirely especially as you try to conceive.
Tip 6—Eat Healthy
The importance of adequate diet for any couple attempting to conceive cannot be overemphasized. This holds true both for the man and the woman. Both have to feed well and also eat the appropriate foods that will keep them fit and provide all the necessary nutrients they need in order to produce adequate sperm and also to keep the woman in top shape to have a conducive atmosphere for fertilization. Avoid stimulants and certain over-the-counter drugs; it’s safer not to take any medication without prescription. Avoid too greasy or fatty foods. Its advised to Avoid smoking a few months before this time. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.eat foods rich in folic acid, vitamins and also get enough protein.
Tip 7—Avoid stress
It’s a documented fact that stress releases certain hormones in the body that can aid the wear and tear of your body tissues which is why stress causes aging. Stress is an enemy during pregnancy. Pregnancy alone is enough stress so any unnecessary additional stress is to be avoided or eliminated completely. Ones job can be a source of real strain on both mind and body of the one trying to conceive. Unnecessary challenges from bosses and co-workers or from the nature of the work itself can be a problem. If you are trying to conceive, and you are aware even before now that your job places a lot of stress on you then it’s time to reconsider your status in that job and think about what to do. Exercise is very important at this time but you should avoid exercises that will make you breathless, or too tire or strained afterwards.
Tip 8—Semen Analysis
It will not be out of line if you both agree to have your husband’s semen checked, especially if you have been trying for a while now. It is not out of order and you should not feel awkward putting the topic forward, after all both of you are now the same-one body. We all know that the quality of a man’s sperm has a lot to do with fertilization and conception. So make it one of the points to note if you are in such a situation of real delayed conception.
Tip 9—Pray fervently, unceasingly
This may sound odd to some readers here but the fact remains that Children are a gift from God and He has proven it again and again. Many incidences of women conceiving, who had hitherto being medically declared infertile abound. Science has not been able to explain to the world how such things happen. The discerning children of God, who still believe that God never changes, know the answer: God gives children and at any age. believe too and I am putting it here as one thing you MUST NOT forget as you try to conceive. Not just to help you in the conception but to give you the grace to stay healthy, shield you from unwanted complications and ensure a safe delivery for you. For all who are having difficult time getting pregnant, don’t give up on God. The fervent prayer of a child of God is effective and powerful..James 5:16.
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