How Many Eggs Can I Eat ?


That word scares many people who have ever heard about it or people who have had any heart related issues. Or diabetes.

And many people immediately associate eggs with cholesterol and many times, they associate it with bad health. But is cholesterol totally bad?
Is egg really evil or is it all good?
Eggs are a good choice as part of a healthy, balanced diet. As well as being a source of protein, they also contain vitamins and minerals. They can be part of a healthy meal that’s quick and easy to make.

Eggs have long been recognized as a source of high-quality protein. Continue reading “How Many Eggs Can I Eat ?”

Micturition Syncope

syncopeHave you ever experienced it or you know somebody that ever had such?

You get up from sleep in the day or night,seriously pressed and uncomfortable due to the feeling as if your bladder is going to burst in a few seconds if you didn’t empty its contents.

You dash off to the toilet and begin to empty your bladder,then suddenly you black out and the only thing you could remember afterwards was when you started to urinate.Every other thing that happened was a mystery.You might wake up to see yourself in a pool of urine (if you are doing it along a pathway–in the villages),or you might get yourself injured by falling on some hard or jagged surface.

I wish to write this for enlightenment on what actually happens and why and also what you can do about it.

SYNCOPE is the medical term for “fainting’ and MICTURITION simply means “urination’ or “urinating’ so you can see how the name was coined.

Micturition (or post-micturition) syncope is a temporary fainting during or, more commonly, immediately after urination due to a severe drop in blood pressure. Micturition syncope is most common in older men and usually occurs at night after a deep sleep.

It can also happen in teenagers or young adults.It occurs more in males. Continue reading “Micturition Syncope”